To answer this question, students are introduced to relevant doctrinal and theoretical concepts, which are used to analyze operational concepts, doctrinal developments, and concrete campaigns, as well as the specific challenges that Denmark faces in these processes. At the end of the course, the students should be able to initiate and complete professional collaboration and debates about operational and military-strategic issues, including responding to future challenges and initiate an MA dissertation project.



Student at the MA in Military Studies, BA/professional BA, officer training on an equivalent level or another equivalent degree. Students following the MA in Military Studies must have completed the Introduction module before this module.


Learning objectives


  • Understand basic doctrine for warfare on the military-strategic and operational levels, including the distinction between the different levels of war
  • Understand academic concepts, theories, and debates from the scholarly literature that are relevant for the conduct of joint operations on the military-strategic and operational level, including military effectiveness, military innovation, and civil-military relations
  • Understand the historical context of recent and emerging international operational concepts, doctrine, and campaigns, as well as Denmark’s role within them, based on the academic literature


  • Analyze, evaluate, and criticize recent and emerging doctrine, operational concepts, and campaigns on the operational and military-strategic level of war using academic concepts, theories, and de-bates from the scholarly literature
  • Analyze and identify recent and emerging challenges facing Denmark on the operational and military-strategic level of war
  • Make a professional impact by communicating the content of operational concepts, doctrine, and campaigns, as well as independent analyses, to military and non-military audiences


  • Initiate and complete professional collaboration and debates at the operational and military-strategic levels
  • Identify, analyze, and respond to complex and unique future challenges on the operational and military-strategic level of war and pro-pose new solutions to said challenges
  • Initiate independent research about operational concepts, doctrine, and campaigns on the operational and military-strategic levels


Teaching and study methods

The course will primarily be taught in Danish, but some lectures and videos, as well as most of the course literature, will be in English. The course is based on three presence modules.


The main activities during the presence modules are lectures by the course conveners or practitioners and syndicates, where students engage with the course curriculum and conduct analytical exercises.


Before and between the modules, students are expected to prepare by reading the assigned curriculum thoroughly, watch the relevant video lectures, and engage with the assigned reading questions. Reading questions and video lectures can be found on Moodle. Students should also complete assigned activities, such as group presentations and papers.



The exam is an individually written take-home paper of maximum 10 pages (one page is 2,400 characters incl. spaces). Students should strive to write at least 8 pages. The paper must be written in English, Danish, or another Scandinavian language. It will be graded on the Danish seven-step scale by the course conveners in collaboration with external examiners. The exam will be case-based and will take the form of a preassigned question. The exam question will be made available on the last day of the module.


If grading results in a grade below 02 (NIL TWO) the student has not passed and is required to retake the exam. The student is required to hand in a new written exam paper in Danish for grading by external censorship on the Danish seven-step scale. The deadline for re-exam paper is normally four weeks from the time the previous grading is forwarded, but the exact deadline is set taking the students regular job and work-load into consideration. The student has a total of three attempts to pass the module exam.


April 2020

Studerende på MMS. Officerer fra Forsvaret på niveauet M321 og M331 eller tilsvarende civile. Se også pkt. forudsætninger.

Niveau 7 jf. kvalifikationsrammen for livslang læring.

10 ECTS-point.

1 semester - deltidsstudium.

Fremgår af uddannelsesskitsen på

Via læringsplatform, når Studiekontoret uploader det.

Eksterne kursister kr. 7.000

Ryvangs Allé 1
2100 København Ø

Lektor Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen
Institut for Militære Operationer

Major Allan Therkelsen
FIIN: fak-mms02
Tlf.: + 45 72 81 70 61

KTFM Sascha Hedberg
FIIN: fak-sab-11
Tlf.: +45 25 55 22 04

Sidst opdateret 9. juli, 2020 - Kl. 15.00

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