The Royal Danish Defence College knowledge and efforts support that the employees of Danish Defence and the reserve forces can flexibly develop their competencies throughout their careers - and stand strong in achieving the tasks of the Danish Defence.


The military educations and courses of the future must be up-to-date and just-in-time:

  • Lifelong learning that supports the units' and the individual's need for new knowledge and competencies.
  • Shorter, individualized learning courses adapted to both basic and current educational needs.
  • Greater flexibility through modularization and the use of flexible forms of learning.
  • Study and learning environment that supports military education and professional ethics.


The Defense Academy will be recognized for

Professionalism We provide professionalism with a unique link to practice within our military core areas, and we are recognized for the quality of our training activities, independent knowledge production, dissemination and consulting.

Relevance In inspiring environments, we deliver relevant, up-to-date and flexible learning, research and development that is in line with the needs of the Danish Defence and contributes to the Danish society being able to make decisions about Danish defense and security policy on an informed basis.

Accessibility We make our knowledge and expertise available to the Danish Defence and society, and it must be easy for the user to orientate themselves in our educations, courses and knowledge production.


Therefore, the employees of the Defense Academy must be good at

Innovation We manage to turn new ideas into valuable practice. We look to the outside world for inspiration and support new solutions and approaches to our core tasks, including the use of digital tools that optimize our workflows and usability.

Relationships We create strong collaboration across professionalism and competencies through internal and external dialogue and networks for the benefit of achieving the task, employee development and the connection to the Danish Defence and society.

Dissemination Our knowledge and research are communicated in such a way that the recipient understands it and can apply it, regardless of whether we communicate in a teaching lesson, a lecture, an article or to the media. Our external communication must be visible, active and actively connected to both the Danish Defence and society.

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