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Courses for NORDEFCO members

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Courses for NORDEFCO members 
Master in Military Studies

Courses for NORDEFCO members 

This page contains information on courses offered to NORDEFCO members as part of the collaboration. All courses are part of the Danish Master in Military Studies.

As part of the NORDEFCO collaboration the Royal Danish Defence College offers part of the masters programme for English speaking students from NORDEFCO countries.

Courses in English

Through a broad insight into communication in modern international conflicts and military operations the student will achieve the
methodological and analytical skills to address particular questions and issues within the information domain.

The aim of the course is to provide you with insights into those aspects of culture relevant to operations, including cultural theory and analytical methodology.

This course provides officers who will serve in higher command staffs with an understanding of cyberspace as a domain for military operations. The purpose is to enable them to give relevant and timely guidance on the use of cyberspace and development of the Danish armed forces’ ability to fight in, through and by cyberspace.
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How to apply

To apply for a course you should contact your own educational organisation.


For further information about courses and the master programme, please contact one of the following:

Claus Smith Rasmussen
E-mail: clra@fak.dk
Tlf.nr. +45 72817062

Allan Therkelsen
E-mail: alth@fak.dk
Tlf.nr. +45 72817061

Course secretary
Sascha Hedberg
E-mail: sahe@fak.dk
Tlf.nr. +45 72817082